Press Release: The Bigger Picture: 7 Artists Paint Large in Support of Coastal Clean Up

Sausalito, California

Seven Northern California artists are joining forces in support of our oceans by creating large-scale (minimum 6 feet) waterscapes for a show in the Bay Model Exhibition Hall in Sausalito September 12 through September 29. A reception open to the public will be on September 22, from 2pm to 4pm. These monumental tributes to the beauty and mystery of our largest natural resource are a must see for art lovers, environmentalists and everyone who enjoys our beautiful Northern California Coast.

The concept for the show, conceived by Marin artist Chris Adessa and Chris Gallagher at the Bay Model, is to magnify the importance of healthy oceans by showcasing the water and coast in very large works of art. The groups’ mission states that protecting and restoring our oceans is a big project. It requires big ideas and a big community; the global community. These large works will be a challenge for the artists to create and will challenge viewers to pay attention and, hopefully, think big about our marine resources.

A portion of the proceeds from painting sales will go to an environmental nonprofit that supports marine health. The artists; Chris Adessa, Stephen Ehret, Jennifer Fearon, Craig Gilliland, Victoria Mimiaga, Thomas Wood and Kay Young have different styles but are united in their passion for painting seascapes and dedication to the preservation of our coast.

The Bay Model houses a scale model of San Francisco Bay and the headquarters for the US Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District. Through its regulatory program, the Corps ensures that environmental impact on aquatic resources from construction projects is avoided, minimized or mitigated. The Bay Model hosts regular art shows and environmental education programs.

For more information contact: Chris Adessa/The Bigger Picture, 480 Gate Five Road, Studio 278A, Sausalito, CA 94965, 415-302-1320,

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  1. Kener says:

    What a stunning seunst! And an incredible capture! Love the colors and the drama! Nothing like a seunst over San Francisco Bay. Have a wonderful weekend “Louis”! Enjoy!Sylvia

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